Taking the pain out of online shopping while at the same time saving you time and money

Anything, anytime, from anywhere – delivered by anybody

As long as it fits, consider it safely delivered.


Ever wondered about the future of online shopping?

Ordering online has become so easy, that it has completely changed our way of life. Anytime of the day, anywhere you are at.

It often saves you something very valuable – time.
Time that you would need to drive to a store, maybe only to find out that they don’t have what you want.

But it also saves you money you would spend on gas, as well as for wear and tear on your car.
You probably think it is hard for it to get any better.

But after ordering you have to wait…

Grocery deliveries returned
Grocery deliveries are returned because of lack of Hygiene and coolness. This due to the long outside standing time
Missed Packages
There are roughly over one billion re-delivery attempts that occur in North America annually. This is due to delivery restrictions pertaining to how or where certain packages can be delivered.
complaints against shipping companies
Over 4,000 customers have had beef with shipping companies and filed complaints. While shipping companies might get the brunt of the complaints about stolen packages, property managers are partially responsible for safe delivery of packages, too.
stolen holiday package
Holidays are a time of giving — and stealing, apparently. Nearly 26 million Americans had to go through the ringer with shipping companies and online retailers after having a package stolen this past holiday season. There’s nothing like a little added stress at the busiest time of the year, right?
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...and while you are waiting, you begin to worry.


...your package get there on time?


...someone be at home to receive it, when it is delivered?

What if...

...they leave it outside and it gets wet?

What if...

...someone tries to steal it?

What if... contains perishable groceries and they end up out in the sun?

This means that you have to plan.
That you have to give up the freedom you had gained when ordering online.

So we got together to find a solution

We decided that none of the above situations is acceptable and developed a solution that would solve all of the mentioned problems
as well as other known difficulties with home delivery

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Our drive to find a solution comes from our own personal dissatisfaction with the status quo. We looked at the market and found lots of partial solutions. Each one of them with some kind of drawback

We wanted a solution that could:

  • Accept deliveries any time of the day or night.
  • Without the owner being directly involved.
  • Anything from any retailer, delivered by any carrier.
  • Safely stored at the correct temperature.
  • With a notification to your smartphone.

What is SMPFLEX exactly?

It is a system consisting of a brand name refrigerator unit that has been retrofitted with an intelligent internal compartment system. Those compartments are separately controlled by a computer-driven lock system.
The system is connected to the internet and is always online. It knows what has been delivered and what deliveries or pick-ups are pending.
Setup is fast and easy. Once it is positioned and connected to a power supply, you simply enter your login data and it is ready to receive your packages.

The system is designed to be located at your home so that
you don’t have to leave again to pick up the delivered goods. It is designed to be as
inconspicuous as possible, either as a free-standing system, or integrated in the wall of
your house or garage


We wanted no restrictions

When we set out to develop SMPFLEX, it was important that there be no restrictions to which retailer (local or online) or carrier deliveries could be accepted from.
SMPFLEX is currently being adapted to work seamlessly with all of the major online retailers.
Once the user has registered at the SMPFLEX platfrom, the user’s unit(s) will automatically be available as a destination to which the goods can be sent.

Perishable groceries and larger packages are safely stored until retrieved when you are home.

Be it frozen foods, refrigerated items or bulky boxes. And with the added storage of the lower drawer, you can even receive items that you may not want to have close to food stuffs or other things.
Whether you are on the road or even if you are at home, SMPFLEX will handle your deliveries, which you can then collect at your own leisure.


Our Team

People who have contributed enormously to our Company.
Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole

Mechanical Engineer
Nix Maxwell

Anouar Mabrouk

Software Engineer

So how do you become part of the future ?


Start out by taking part in our questionnaire.


Decide between stand-alone version for your garden or integrated version that fits into the wall of your house or garage.


Apply via email to take part in our test program: You receive a SMPFLEX unit for three months. Free of charge.

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